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Step One

Go to Vantage Group Training Apprentice Page.
Enter your details and complete the online test

Step Two

Contact our administration team to discuss your Apprenticeship

Step Three

If successful you will be invited for an interview and aptitude test. We will also need to conduct some background checks.

Step Four

If you were successful you will be invited for an interview with a Host Employer.

Step Five

If Successful you will attend a weeks training course to make "YOU" job ready for your new placement

Step Six

Start your placement with your new Host Employer.

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Choosing the Right Apprenticeship and What are the Next Steps for You

The first step is to research the area or areas you’re interested in working. Then you will need to find an employer in the field that you want. Then approach a Group Training Organisation who would employ you and place you with either one or a number of host employers. Make sure you find an employer who is willing to offer you an Australian Apprenticeship in your chosen field. This is called direct employment.

Eligibility & Rights

If you are successful in obtaining an Apprenticeship or Traineeship advertised by our recruitment team, Vantage Group Training will be your legal Employer and will place you with a Host Employer. If you are successful in obtaining a position with VGT, you will be required to sign an Employment Agreement and a Training Contract. The terms and conditions of your employment will be based on the relevant award used by your Host Employer.

What Trade

If you’re keen to take up an Apprenticeship in a skilled trade, the options can be limitless. Vantage Group Training specialises in skilled and traditional trade Apprenticeships and Traineeships. That means we are always looking for people interested in pursuing a career in trade related industries. Once you’re set on your preferred Apprenticeship or Traineeship type, head to the job openings page to find a current opening in your region and area of interest – and apply!

How to Apply

Simply select one of the Apply Now Buttons below.

What is an Apprenticeship

An Apprenticeship spans over four years (three years of off-the-job training within the RTO) and consists of a variety of workplace and off-the-job training.
Your career is given the full support of Vantage Group Training to help you in successfully complete the Program.

Getting Started

If you’re keen to take up an Apprenticeship in skilled trades the options can be limitless.
Contact Vantage Group Training
Tel:  02 8014 8983 or (02) 8014 8990

How Much Should I Be Paid

Your Employer must pay you as per a Modern Award which cover most workplaces. Modern Awards were created to establish one set of minimum conditions for Employers and Employees across Australia who work in the same industries or occupations. You can find more information at

Government Support

You may be eligible for Smart and Skilled funding if you
* are aged 15 years or older
* have left school
* live or work in NSW
* are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen.

What Is Group Training

The role of a GTO is to recruit and employ Apprentices and Trainees while providing ongoing support throughout their practical and Technical Training. As the contractual Employer of an Apprentice or Trainee, Vantage Group Training also performs all requirements relating to their employment arrangement including payroll, induction, mentorship, and full administrative support.

Your Obligations

If successful you will be expected to sign an employment agreement. Part of this employment agreement is the training contract which will involve an RTO. The terms and conditions of your contract will be based upon the Government award rate.

If successful you will be placed with a Host Employer, this is a place of work where you will be undertaking your daily work and on the job training. You will be required to be on time and proactive in all aspects of your daily duties.

In your chosen career you will be signed up on a qualification pathway, this will be negotiated with your Host Employer and Vantage Group Training. The chosen RTO to conduct your learning both on and off the job will be negotiated via a training plan which will be monitored regularly to ensure you are achieving the outcomes prescribed.

Vantage Group Training will be conducting regualr visits with you and your host employer. We will be setting goals and plans with you and your employer to ensure your progression and personal development is on track. We expect you to be on time with your off the job work at training and any other duties asigned to you at all times.